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How does your character handle "normal" activities/situations? If they have any kind of special powers, they aren't allowed to use them!

I was tagged by the wonderful :icontanadia: I HAD to do it as soon as I read it :) She kindly picked Cerzz for me because I just couldn't decide :D  

1.) Your OC is going fishing. Are they good at it or do they fail horribly at trying to catch a fish?

Lol I imagine Cerzz had this fishing trip planned several months in advance, so she had time to get everything gathered up right. She might have the right gear but she wouldn't have read up on how exactly you actually do it! So after getting her first cast likely caught up in the branches behind her, she might eventually get her fly in the water. Then she'd proceed to worry about getting a hook in a fish, causing it pain, so she'd stop. In honesty, she would've likely never caught a fish anyways 

2.) Your OC has gone out to eat and they are stuck with a rude waitress!

She'd likely feel hurt by the waitress's rudeness, hiding behind her menu in her presence. If her husband was with her, she'd likely wait to see if he spoke up against the woman. If he didn't she'd ensure she didn't bother the woman with any requests, but she wouldn't tip and would most likely moan behind the woman's back rather than to her face. She probably wouldn't return to the place.

3.) The dishes in the sink are piling up!

This is pretty likely with Cerzz unfortunately, she does have a tendency to leave things until they absolutely must be done. So she'd be faced with a mountain of porcelain and would moan all the way through washing them. That, or she'd bribe a Knight to do it for her :) 

4.) Some kids broke your OC's window by playing ball outside!

She'd likely panic and hand the ball back leaving her husband to deal with giving out the backlash whilst she hid. Lol Cerzz is a total coward 

5.) Someone is flirting with your OC's significant other!

Oh my word she would hate it! She trusts her husband with her life, but she would still have incredible jealousy as the 'someone' would always be prettier than she and much more confident than her if they had the nerve to flirt with him. And despite her trust, the paranoia would always be there that the other person could turn his head.   

6.) Something's moving around the house late at night! Your OC goes to investigate!

She would merely assume it was the usual patrols making their rounds, though if something seemed off, she'd make sure she got to Zelah's room to protect her. If there were intruders she'd call for the guards or Drak (seeing as she can't use her own powers to deal with them)

7.) Oh no! The cookies got burnt!

Sadly, Cerzz is not above harsh self-blame. Tossing the cookies away she'd likely sit there crying in the kitchen that she was useless at everything until someone came to calm her down, reminding her that they were only cookies

8.) Your OC has tripped and fallen down the stairs!

Her inner self-hatred, nicknamed Morvah, would harshly scold her, calling her useless and clumsy, whilst outwardly she'd try to laugh it off in front of any witnesses, 'playfully' calling herself an idiot. Were she capable, she'd be blushing up a storm.

9.) There's a big spider on the wall!

Screaming and running away would happen.  

10.) Someone just threw a chair!

Panicking, she'd look around, instinctively protecting her daughter if she was there. If it was just playful hijinx she'd likely tell them to knock it off, but if it were aggressive, she'd try to get out of the room as fast as possible. The girl is crap with confrontation.

11.) Everyone except your OC was invited to this awesome party!

She'd be torn. She's certainly not one for parties and if she were asked, she'd have likely said no anyway. But the fact that she wasn't asked would stick in her memory and would twist in her guts. Her mind would start to go mad wondering why she wasn't asked; what she'd done wrong etc, before coming to the conclusion that she was boring  

12.) Your OC dropped the toast!

She'd grab it up quickly, blow it off, shrug and eat it

13.) Your Character is playing battle ship with their best friend. Your OC loses!

She doesn't understand battleships anyway so she'd blame that most likely. She'd be a rather gracious loser to her bestie, but she might playfully toss the game at her friend saying that the winner has to tidy up. 

14.) Someone in the room has farted and it smells horrible. How does your OC react?

She'd be trying not to giggle in her supremely childish way before the hunt for the perpetrator began. People watching, she'd see if there were any guilty twitches or red faces. She'd likely try to catch their eye in an 'I know it was you' fashion :) 

15.) A shady fellow offers your OC drugs.

As politely as possible she'd turn them down. She doesn't touch them and her husband only trusts his own recipes. 

16.) Your OC just got stung by a bee!

She'd likely not feel it, being dead and all, but she'd still likely swear at the little fuzzy git for -daring- to  

17.) Your OC's friend is tickling them. 

She hates being tickled, and would be trying to escape yelling stoppitstoppitstoppitstoppit over and over, before glaring up a storm once she'd gotten free 

18.) Its really early in the morning and the birds are singing very loudly outside your OC's window. 

Cerzz would love it, merely lying there dozing with the peaceful sound outside. That would honestly be her ideal way to wake up. 

19.) Your OC is forced to go "rustic" Camping. Can they handle roughing it for a few days?

Lol Cerzz has certainly been spoiled in her life of royalty. She'd likely whine to begin with, but if it was for her daughter she'd suck it up and at least appear to enjoy it for Zelah's sake. After a few days she'd be whimpering for a proper bed and WC :D  

20.) Its storming heavily outside.

As long as everyone she knew was safe she wouldn't mind. If it was during the day, she'd likely watch, but if it was -really- bad at night, she'd demand Drak wait in the bedroom with her til it passed off and she could go to sleep lol she hates bad storms at night

21.) a bird just flew into the window!

Gasping, she'd investigate. If she could find the little guy and he was alright, he'd become her 'project' She and her little girl would dutifully nurse it back to health.  

22.) Someone is ordering pizza! What would your OC want on it?

Lol Cerzz is the fussiest when it comes to pizza. She would need chicken and bacon on it, but without the tomato sauce on it. She hates pizza sauce with a burning passion. But if they got it right she'd protectively have a whole one to herself. 

23.) Your OC is going on Vacation! Where would they go?

Kind of stealing Tanadia's answer here. The -where- is secondary in comparison to the -who with-. If she had her husband and daughter with her, she could be staying a week in the stables for all she cared 

24.) Your OC and their significant other just had a lovers spat! What happens afterward?

Erf.. Cerzz would be utterly insufferable. Sulky, quiet and deliberately ignoring him. If he got angry however, her natural cowardice would kick in, having her try to smooth things over and even become overly affectionate. She hates the thought of someone being truly angry at her. 

25.) Its uncomfortably warm. How does your OC handle it?

Honestly? By moaning. Cerzz hates being too hot. Luckily, it's not a problem where she lives. She'd much rather be cold than hot. If she was stuck in the heat, she'd seek out shade and/or water to hide in. Still moaning.

26.) Okay, now its really cold out!

Cerzz has grown impervious to the cold these days. It takes a lot to have her notice it. But we're it truly too much, she'd revel in digging out her thickest, funkiest coat to snuggle in. 

27.) Your OC has stepped in cat puke! Gross!

She'd likely fight the overwhelming urge to retch herself. If no one else was around she'd reluctantly clean it up, but she'd be cursing the mystery feline. 

Tag some people!

If they want to :iconthe-zombie-cat: :iconparaspriteful: :iconthinkingofcanniblism: :iconthe-moonbound: :iconrose-of-pyrewood: :iconthe-serene-mage:


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Hallow-Quinn Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So. They just released a Qunari Spoils dlc pack on Inquisition.
The costumes... OH the costumes.
Sage Trevelyan Qunari Full by Hallow-Quinn  Sage Trevelyan Qunari by Hallow-Quinn  
In case you wanted to see a little sample.
(Also my new Human iquisitor.)
I put the other armor on Bull, and hnn.
He looks fantastic. I'm going to try to screen shot that next. 
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Your profile pic is so derp and I love it.
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Oh gosh!! I remembered you said that you are fascinated by things in the ocean, and I came across this video earlier today:…

I gotta warn you though, it is rather creepy and the rest of the guy's videos (as interesting as they are) are indeed seriously creepy XD
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ok so my plan was to finish making my food and then reply to our mini rps (im up and down a lot form my chair while cooking so I had no focus) but tyler is tossing around in his crib so i think he'll be waking up soon, if he's not already/jus thasn't started crying yet. so i apologize :/ I'll try to get to them through the day here if/when he naps for me again

i swear he has some kind of internal alarm for when I'm about to try to eat.. every single time I cook, no matter how painstakingly quiet I am about it, he just -knows- and wakes up and leaves it impossible for me to just relax and enjoy food..

sorry I ranted a bit. but anyway wanted to let you know I'm not shrugging them off/dropping them <3 I just already feel like I fail at writing so I need to have a bit of focus when I try to get back to them <3
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